Replacing Teeth With Dentures on the Upper East Side

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After extensive tooth loss or dental trauma, achieving a full and vibrant smile again requires a dentist with experience and skill. At Carnegie Hill Dental Group, our team replaces your teeth with dentures to give you back a beautiful, fully functional smile. We meticulously customize your treatment plan to align with your specific needs.

Our dentists focus on providing durable, functional dentures that also meet your aesthetic desires. We'll work closely with you to customize the look of your prosthetic denture teeth, giving you a smile you're excited to show off. Our team looks forward to meeting you and helping you regain good oral health. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for complete or partial dentures in the Upper East Side.


Our Options for Restoring Teeth With Dentures

Dentures are dental prosthetics that replace multiple or all of the teeth in an arch. Made from durable materials like various porcelains or ceramics, dentures are supported by a base often made of pink acrylic that mimics the appearance of your gums. We offer both traditional and implant-supported permanent dentures.

  • Traditional dentures are removable and we precisely fit them to your gumline. This precision shaping provides a snug, comfortable fit, offering stability while eating and speaking. When your gum line changes over time, we offer relining services to get you back to the high degree of function you rely on.
  • Implant-supported dentures, or permanent dentures, are affixed to dental implant posts surgically implanted into the jawbone. They offer excellent stability and a natural feel.
  • Partial dentures are excellent options if you still have some healthy teeth in your smile. These prosthetics fit around your remaining natural teeth. We offer both traditional and implant-supported options for partial dentures.

Personalized Denture Solutions at Carnegie Hill Dental Group

Everyone's smile is different, and our team strives to provide unique solutions that fit your specific oral health requirements. Whether it's your first time getting a denture or you're looking for a new restoration, we're here to make your path to a complete smile as streamlined and stress-free as possible. Some of the critical aspects of our approach include:

  • Initial Assessment: We perform an extensive oral health examination during your first visit. This process helps us provide the appropriate recommendations for restoring your teeth with dentures.
  • Extractions and Pretreatments: Once we've decided on the denture that best suits your needs, we'll perform any extractions or pretreatments needed to prepare your smile.
  • Healing and Adaptation: After extractions, we give your gums time to heal. Your gum line will change after your teeth are removed. Allowing time for the shape of your gums to stabilize before taking impressions is crucial for providing a snug fit for your final dentures.
  • Impressions and Custom Fabrication: We'll take detailed impressions of your gums and send them to a dental lab, where they'll be used as blueprints to craft your traditional or permanent denture.
  • Final Fitting: Once we receive your restoration from the dental lab, you'll come in for an appointment, during which we'll make any adjustments to provide a comfortable and functional fit.

Providing Denture Relining & Repairs

Even after final denture placement, your gum line can continue to change shape. We offer relining services to ensure your denture remains highly functional. Our team also recognizes accidents can happen, and we're pleased to provide repairs if your denture becomes damaged, including emergency appointments. We'll always check your restorations at your routine checkups, but if you experience any decreases in comfort or function, we invite you to call us immediately.

Upper East Side Partial Denture & Full Denture FAQs

Choosing to replace teeth with dentures is a significant step toward restoring your dental health and smile aesthetics. Having questions about this new phase in your oral health is natural. Our team is always here to provide answers, and we want you to have the information you need to make confident decisions. Some frequently asked questions include:

Is it okay to sleep with my dentures in?

While you can sleep with your dentures in place, we advise against making it a habit. Allowing your gums and jaw to rest from the pressure of dentures overnight is crucial to promoting your overall oral health.

Adjusting to the feel of your dentures may take a little time, but regular eating habits can be quickly resumed. Initially, chewing tougher or stickier foods might be challenging. If you find certain foods tricky, consider using a denture adhesive for added stability.

An ill-fitting denture can exacerbate dry mouth symptoms by not sitting snugly against the gums. However, dentures are not the direct cause of dry mouth. If you experience discomfort while wearing your dentures, it's important to reach out to us for an adjustment.

Your Practice for Upper East Side Permanent & Traditional Dentures

Rediscovering the comfort and confidence of a full, beautiful smile starts with having the right team by your side. At Carnegie Hill Dental Group, we're dedicated to providing dentures that improve oral health and enhance quality of life. If you're considering dentures as teeth replacements, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for traditional or permanent dentures in the Upper East Side.